Here’s Our Story

Keeping in mind the desire of Sydneysiders to undergo treatments for the enhancement of their looks and appearance, David Murphy came up with Cosmetic Surgery For 85 % off as the one-stop solution for your cosmetic surgery needs and requirements. The name itself announces the advent of discounted plastic surgery options for clients.

Our Team

When we say we offer cosmetic surgery services at 15 % of the total cost, we don’t mean there is compromise on quality. The journey that started with David alone is no more a single-man army. The Cosmetic Surgery For 15 % of Total Cost can now be provided with the surgeon of your choice, should they be happy to be paid in this way.

Use the Surgeon of Your Choice

The inexpensive rates of the cosmetic surgeries that we can provide may make the quality of all the services you desire more exciting.

You only need pay the 15 % of the total cost of the surgery that you opt for. We will take care of the final payments to the surgeons you bring. You will not have to worry about any financing matters at all but to pay the 15%.

We Offer Instalment Options

Though the surgical practices are available at an unexpectedly lower rate, we still value the financial crisis that may not be allowing you to proceed further.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are available to discuss 24x7.
  • We underwrite your choices.
  • Our prices are unmatchable anywhere in Australia.
  • Three free consultations are available at times to suit you and referrals are always welcome and can be remunerative for you.