What We Offer?

We have segmented our wide variety of services into three categories.

Breast Enhancement

Do you have a problem with your breast size? Enlarge it or reduce it the way you want.

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Facial Rejuvenation

If your lips or any facial region is where you would like improvement, come to us and we will help you.

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Body Contouring

Not only do our experts enhance your face but also work wonders on other body parts.

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Welcome to Cosmetic Surgery for 15 % of total cost

For Low Rate Implants and Cosmetic Surgery

Whilst all your organs or body parts may seem to be positioned in the right places, a little transformation in the positioning, size or structure of some of them can enhance your overall facial characteristics and your 'physical personality'. With cosmetic surgery and implants at a reasonable cost, people can put more focus on getting their body parts transformed for a better appearance.

At Cosmetic Surgery For 85% Off, we have introduced huge cosmetic surgery discounts for clients who are eager to acquire a new and improved look. Our cost reduction possibilities are made possible due to an unusual 50-year legal phenomenon stemming from a NSW Supreme Court matter. Through this phenomenon we are able to assist women and men across the country who have found that to get all the cosmetic surgery they seek all at once has been much more than they can afford. We can also help you to wipe out all your debts, also for only 15% of any outstanding balance (at debtwipeout.org) to make you really happy and appreciative. What a combination!!!

We understand that when you find you are able to get all the body parts affordably transformed that you want, it can become extremely exciting. Hence, we have initiated the 85% off scheme for our more appreciative clients.

Most Affordable

Pay 15% of the total cost of the surgery, and that’s it.

No Quality Compromise

The low prices do not mean we compromise on the quality. We have an ingenious way that your chosen surgeon/s can still be paid their 100%, and you pay only 15%!

Own Surgeons Allowed

Your trusted surgeon does your treatment whilst being able to be paid his or her 100% in this new and unusual way - so everyone is happy, and everybody wins. An advantage to the surgeon is that with our payment capabilities they can get to perform a number of procedures, rather than just one or two, as you are only required to pay 15% of their costs overall.

We Are Flexible

With us, not only do you secure most reasonable cosmetic surgery prices but you are able to use your own plastic surgeons to get the surgery done. Understandably you cannot trust just anyone with your body transformation, be it your lips or your breasts. Though we are developing our own panels of experts available to offer you the best services, we do not restrict you from retaining your own trusted surgeon/s for your treatments.

So far as your schedule is concerned, we offer flexibility also. Our pricing structure professional can be contacted at any hour for your cosmetic transformation treatments. We are aware of the tight schedule that you may have so we are available and accessible to you 24/7.

We Explain

When you enquire we explain how the 85% reduction will work. You can schedule an appointment and opt for a free consultation session to know more about the 85% reduction process will work for you for any cosmetic surgery you choose.

Our Cosmetic Surgery

It comes with various benefits

Enhances Your Appeal

Get a better personality with our cheap surgical processes.

Boosts Your Confidence

Good looks will enhance your level of self-confidence.

Comes Easy on Your Pocket

We bet you won’t get any cosmetic surgery at 85 percent off anywhere else.
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What Makes Us Different?

  • You pay 15 percent of the total cost of the surgery you opt for.
  • You get well-experienced surgeons to handle your surgical requirements.
  • We also allow you to bring your trusted surgeon to do the treatment whilst they can still be paid 100% in this unusual way - so everyone is happy
  • We offer the most robust tools for cosmetic surgery.
  • Our 24*7 availability offers you the utmost flexibility.
  • Our affordable cosmetic surgery makes it easy for you to trust us.

If you think we are worth a try, connect with us NOW.